Art by Antlers – Rose Sanderson: Bangshanky


Art by Antlers is a new venture which sees stunning original works and edition prints exhibited in varying locations in Bristol and beyond. All of the pieces on show are for sale and can be purchased directly from the venue in which you find them.


Rose Sanderson Art in Bangshanky

Last week Art by Antlers was delighted to install fourteen works by Rose Sanderson into Bangshanky – a creative new hair studio on Colston Street. The idea for the venue was ‘born off the back of a shared vision of what a quintessential British hairdressers should be’. Rose’s work interacts perfectly with the eclectic interior of Bangshanky, encouraging exciting new readings of her intricate imagery.


Rose Sanderson Art in Bangshanky

Artist Statement:

Rose’s work is greatly influenced by things that are generally disregarded in the world around her. She explores the fields of natural history, entomology, anatomy to find strange objects and creatures. Where some may see ugliness, be disgusted or think a thing distasteful, Rose finds beauty and intrigue. Her paintings aim to invite people to explore beyond their first impressions and delve deeper into the heart of nature.

Rose’s delicate paintings and drawings upon recycled materials and old book covers relate to the subject as part of a story within the wider world into which it is born. Anatomy has always been an influential source of inspiration, seeing beauty in nature and creation in all its glory. Art and Science go hand in hand, a fascinating and intriguing part of our existence, of which Rose aims to explore in detail.


Rose Sanderson Work in Bangshanky

You can also buy Rose Sanderson work online:

For sales information please email or call Jack on 07780 503180.

Exhibition dates: 27th January – 2nd April 2014

Bangshanky address: 76 Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5BB

Bankshanky website: