‘You Move Me’ Artist Interview: Laurie Lax

Antlers Gallery are excited to announce that as part of our new exhibition You Move Me for Winter 14/15 we are releasing a series of blog interviews with each of the artists involved in the show.

In this first instalment Laurie Lax provides insight into her works for the exhibition and her practice more generally:

mud_bikeStudio Photo [Work in Progress] – Laurie Lax – 2014

Describe your practice in three sentences.
Drawing is the thread continuing through my practice, which is largely process-driven, durational and often temporal. I enjoy the challenge of responding intuitively to specific contexts. To take me outside of what I do, I like to explore parallels with others practices through group projects.

What themes and ideas interest you?
I’m interested in time-space, landscape-nature, representation and reality. For example, I often use the ‘landscape format’ as a motif to play with. Currently I’m looking into ‘slots and voids’, portals and the potential for transformation. These ideas need not be explicit in the work but it keeps me invested and guides my decision making.

How did you approach the ‘You Move Me’ commission?
I approached the commission as an opportunity to be a little risk taking as I’m allowing for one of the works to take its own course. I was approached because I have previously made work using silt from the rivers in Bristol, so I wanted to continue that thread of interest. That said, I kept an open mind until I saw the space. I did also treat the commission as a brief in that I knew I wanted to activate people moving around the space.

mud_trousersStudio Photo [Work in Progress] – Laurie Lax – 2014

What themes or interests does your commission explore?
Overlooked biological specimens often interest me in my work, hence the use of river silt in this commission. The works literally feed into one another so there is also a theme of connectedness and resourcefulness.

What was the greatest challenge you faced in this commission?
The galley space is in a multi-use listed building and as a result comes with restrictions. I had to rethink the location of my original idea to fit the space but somehow these limitations can free you up and give genesis to new ideas.

What has been the most interesting and/or surprising element of working on this exhibition?
It can be an abstract process talking and planning for a show, particularly a group show because its the combination of the collective visions. I’m really interested and surprised at how the works are really interacting with each other in the space and I’m even more interested to see people in there too.

SVlandscape2Slots and Voids – Laurie Lax – 2014. Photo Credit: Stephanie Third

What would you like the audiences experience of the work to be?
I hope the audience feels a sense of calm contemplation but I don’t want to prescribe the audience’s experience of the work. I want them to feel engaged particularly with the materials and to be stimulated in some way. Their experiences will inevitably be varied, so I’m looking forward to seeing that. I’m interested in what I cannot predict.

What would you like people to take away after seeing your work in the context of the show?
People will take away an experience, and I hope that forges new connections with the waterways that flow through Bristol. I hope they engage beyond my work and the exhibition to engage with that area of Bristol in general, the Create Centre and hopefully visit it again (if you did not know the record office is one amazing resource inside the Create Centre). Then I would like them to take a muddy walk in the nearby Leigh woods!

Laurie Lax: http://www.antlersgallery.com/artist/laurie-lax

Exhibition Dates: 29 Nov – 23 Dec 2014  // 5 – 10 Jan 2015

Open Times: Mon – Fri, 10am – 7pm // Sat – Sun, 12pm – 4pm

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