Abigail Reed

Abigail Reed’s large scale oil paintings portray animals poised in their ultimate state, standing like statues they demand your attention.

The paint has been allowed to flow, nothing is fixed. Dripping and cracking revealing its accidental, volatile nature. She has to work fast to capture the form. This exposes not only the beautiful medium of oil paints and inks but engages us to look further at the subject. Look through under the layers and unveiled is something more than just an exterior. Strong but fragile these animals reveal the vulnerability of life, the primal instinct of survival.

An animal can appear small or fragile but on closer inspection hold immense power and resistence, mightier than all.

She sees them as representatives of “the Other”, something non-human which puts us in our place, stills our anxieties, reminds us that the world does not solely revolve around the human race.

Abigail mainly works in monochrome. This helps the images to stand out, stand stark in a colourful environment. They are neither exact representations nor abstractions, they come inbetween in a world of their own.

‘…. To be made to feel small is, to be sure, a painful daily reality of the human playground. But to be made to feel small by something beautiful, noble, accomplished,……is to have wisdom presented to us along with a measure of delight.’
(Alain de Botton, A Point of View: In praise of the zoo)


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Abigail Reed was part of the Antlers exhibition Gravitas 21 March – 19 April 2014


2001-2004, The University Of Wales Institute of Cardiff, BA Hons Fine Art

2000-2001, The City Of Bath College, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design


2010 Knifesmith Gallery, Bristol


2014 Gravitas, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2013 Spring Show, Josie Eastwood Fine Art, Winchester

2013 Winter Shop, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

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2004 - 2007, Bath Society Of Artists Annual Show, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

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2006 Art Fair, Pall Mall, London

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2004, Eversheds Purchase Prize

2003, Dulcie Mayne Stephens Travel Bursary


2004, Lead Artist at The Big Draw Workshop, Bay Art, Cardiff

2004, Lead Artist at The Jerwood Drawing Prize Workshop, Bay Art, Cardiff