Alice Vandeleur-Boorer

Alice’s installations replicate fictional landscapes and are constructed out of domestic building and garden materials. Borrowing from traditions of landscape painting she considers the composition of the frame and plays with the edge, fore, middle and background. She explores how we visualise place through our relationship with the miniature. The simulated places are displaced from reality, threaded with romanticism, drama, poetry and humour.

Alice’s installation work involves planting seeds in constructions of miniature mountain ranges. Using irrigation systems and hydroponic lamps, small plants start to emerge within her hand built structures creating a living, changing and ephemeral pieces of art. Due to their temporality she uses video and photography to document the projects. Through these installations Alice tries to disrupt the traditional relationship the viewer has with the iconographic landscape.

Alice graduated from Bath School of Art and Design in 2010 and has already been involved in numerous art projects in Bath, Bristol and London. While Alice exhibits in Antlers Botany show during May, she is also producing work for Alexandra Palace Art Show and Bath Fringe Festival. In 2007 Alice was awarded the Burton Art Gallery Prize.