Anouk Mercier

Anouk Mercier’s work centers around the notion of escapism through the fabrication of narrative. Relying on the nostalgia of Romanticism and mythology to depict melancholic worlds and characters, her drawings celebrate both the power of the imagination to escape the quotidian and the mundane, whilst also exploring the mysterious, the abysmal and the uncanny that often lurks behind idylls.

Presented as illustrations of an enigmatic tale, her drawings range from tenebrous Animalia portraits, to haunting landscapes and mysterious ‘mini-worlds’, laced with decorative flora. The artist invites viewers to engage with this fantastical world, whilst yet creating the illusion that it can only be observed through a distancing window. Positioning the viewer in doing so, as an entranced voyeur, enticed into formulating a narrative based on the visual fragments presented.


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2005-2008 BA(hons) Art and Visual Culture. The University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol.
2002-2003 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (Paris) Classical Drawing Course (Summer Courses in Fresco, Modelage and Art History)

2012 ‘Excursus’, Antlers Gallery, Bristol
2011 ‘Paysages Fantastiques et autres dessins…’,‘La Galerie’, Clamecy, France

2014 London Art Fair Art Projects, London
2013 City Lives, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery,Bristol (forthcoming)
2013 Lucid, bo.lee Gallery, London
2013 Drawn, (open exhibition), The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
2013 Winter Shop, Antlers Gallery, Bristol
2012 Mono no aware, Bo.lee Gallery, Bath
2012 160 Autumn Exhibition, The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
2012 Reliquary, bo.lee Gallery, Bath
2012 Old Beliefs, Antlers Gallery, Stroud
2012 Narrative, Antlers Gallery for Bradford Museum (Manor House), Ilkley
2012 Last Day, Cartel, London
2012 Jamaica Street Open Studios, Bristol
2012 Other Nature, Antlers Gallery, London
2011 159 Autumn Exhibition, The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
2011 Botany, Antlers Gallery, Bristol
2011 Through Hills and Valleys, Bristol Drawing School, Bristol
2011 All that We Are, Bath Fine Art, Bath
2011 Uncanny Views, Antlers Gallery, Bristol
2009 Friday the 13th, Plan 9, Bristol
2008 The Show, Faculty of Creative Arts Degree Show, Spike Island, Bristol
2008 When we build, let us think we build forever, Loading bay, Spike Island, Bristol

2013 Affordable Art Fair, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2011 ART Magazine ‘Emerging Artist Award’, RWA 159 Autumn Exhibition.
2008 Innes Wilkin Art in Architecture Prize

Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Collection

2009 ‘What would become of us, if we walked only in a garden or a mall’, collaborative, site-specific installation, Beachcroft Space, Portwall, Bristol (co-curator & maker).
2008 ‘The Far West Metro Store’, Arnolfini , Relational and Plan 9 Offsite Project, Bristol.
2008 ‘Can We Stay Over Tonight?’, Plan 9, Bristol (Co-curator).

2009 The Berlin Office, Berlin

Associate Lecturer The University of the West of England (UWE)
Co-founder of Bristol Drawing Club
, RWA Artist Member, Jamaica Street Studios Artist, Tutor at Bristol Drawing School
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