Ellie Coates

Through the work of Ellie Coates the viewer is invited into the timeless world of story telling. Combining inspiration drawn from myths, folklore and Renaissance painting she creates the props with which to encourage the imagination of the viewer to weave the narrative. Through the well-known Greek Myth of Medusa the Gorgon Queen Ellie explores and adapts both the anatomy of this formidable character and that of the story surrounding her.

The work deals with entrapment, the female role in storytelling and the close relationship between the beast and the human. Whilst Ellie’s work addresses themes of entrapment it in turn provides the tools for escapism.

The otherworldly and uncanny feel is made even more mysterious and mythical through her drawing and making process. The surface of the paper is laboriously prepared with layer upon layer of rabbit skin glue and gesso before graphite is applied with meticulous mark making to give an ethereal and luminescent quality.

The presentation of Ellie’s work is an important part of her practice. Small sculptures are housed in handmade boxes, referencing Victorian collections and museum displays. Her drawings are framed in vintage dark oak adding to the timeless feel of the works.


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2005-2008, BA (hons) Drawing and Applied Arts, University of the West of England (UWE)


2013 Winter Shop, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2012 Other Nature, Anlters Gallery, London

2011 Known, Unknown, Anonymous And On Death Row, Q-Box gallery, Athens

2011 Anatomy, Antlers, Bristol

2011 Bestial Behaviours, 8 Week Gallery, Motorcycle Showroom, Bristol

2009 Drawing Room ii, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

2008 UWE, Bower Ashton Main Gallery, Bristol

2007 Scissors, Paper, Stone, RK Birt Gallery, London

2006 Brunel Birthday Celebration, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol