Helen Jones

By drawing images of the natural world and its tempestuous relationship with the elements, Helen Jones attempts to evoke feelings of fear, awe and insignificance of the individual. Helen uses drawing to depict the epic scale of the natural world and create an uncertain and unsettling narrative that engages the viewer in multiple strands of discourse.

The representation of sea, sky and land within the work portrays epic landscapes that elude apocalyptic states on a biblical scale to the sublime beauty of nature. Combined with a photographic cinematic style the imagery appears to be documentation of an actual event and reference mass media imagery seen in the news after extreme weather variations, natural disasters and the imagery created in post apocalyptic cinema.

The work intends to draw the viewer in to the ambiguous subject matter of imagined scenarios exposing the universal concerns of the contemporary human condition. Using composition and scale, Helen seeks to overwhelm the viewer, looming over them and engulfing their space. Her drawings highlight the arrogance of humanity by depicting the immensity of nature in all its glory. Helen’s most recent works focus on the idea of escape hinting at possible routes out of the impending plight and the hope of saving ourselves.

The drawings are created using black pigment applied by hand to tracing paper and using a variety of rubbers and scraping materials to takeaway the pigment resulting in a complex tonal image.


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2007-2009 BA Hons Drawing and Applied Arts, UWE, Bristol

2005-2007 Foundation Diploma Art and Design, Bristol School of Art


May 2010 Locker Room


2013 Kindred, Antlers Gallery, London

2012 Narrative, Antlers Gallery, Ilkley

2012 Other Nature, Antlers Gallery, London

2012 Still Chaos, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2011 Boca.art, Paintworks, Bristol

2011 Uncanny Views, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2010 Boca.art, Paintworks, Bristol

2010 RWA 158th Autumn Open Exhibition, Bristol

2010 Artwave West, Morcombelake, Dorset

2009 You Are The Measure, Centre Space Gallery, Bristol

2009 Foyer Show, UWE Bower Ashton, Bristol

2009 Tobacco Factory, Bristol


2014 AAF Battersea, Antlers Gallery, London

2013 AAF Bristol, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2012 AAF Bristol, Antlers Gallery, Bristol


2012 Drawn, Artist Residency Prize, RWA

2010 Prize for most accomplishing drawing, RWA

2010 ClarkeWilmot Young Artist of the Year, shortlisted