Jessica Bartlett

Jessica’s practice is based around a drawing process and an interest in mark making. Her drawings are made through burning into the surface of a painted canvas prepared with a palette of white or muted colours. Jessica sees these burnt marks as a scar, and therefore a metaphor for memory. The drawings are made through simple lines; they are visually ephemeral because of the apparent lightness of mark. The empty space of the painted canvas and delicacy of the drawn mark convey the sense that everything is evolving into and from nothingness. This is a theory that stems from the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi that has been very influential in the development of Jessica’s work.

Jessica’s drawings of ephemeral objects came from an interest in looking at the overlooked and trying to capture a fleeting moment. Objects like twigs, leaves and feathers have all come from something bigger that was once alive and as such are in effect a trace or remnant of life.


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Currently studying for a MA in History of Art at The University of Bristol

2004-2007 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Bath Spa University

2003-2004 Art Foundation-Plymouth College of Art and Design


2013 Kindred, Antlers Gallery, London

2013 Winter Shop, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2012 Old Beliefs, Antlers Gallery, Stroud

2012 New Visions, Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol

2012 Hamburg Vending Machine, Kunst Altonale, Hamburg

2011 The Palest Ink, Motorcycle/Flash Parade, Bristol

2011 Connect One, The Create Centre, Bristol

2011 Botany, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2011 The Colour White, View Gallery Bristol

2011 BV Open Studios, Bristol

2009 The Order of The Black Tulip

2008-2009 Spike Island Open, Bristol

2008 Front Room, Bristol

2008 The Crypt, Bristol

2007 The National Open, Chichester

2007 Vitamin B, London

2007 The Colour and Line, The Walcot Chapel, Bath


2014 AAF Battersea, Antlers Gallery, London

2013 Buy Art Fair, Antlers Gallery, Manchester

2013 AAF Battersea, Antlers Gallery, London