Jo Lathwood

Jo believes art should be accessible to everyone. Through her work she strives to build layers of meaning that can be understood by a wide demographic. She is interested in the concept of aesthetic accuracy giving credibility and status to objects and environments.

Inspired by a meditation between simple natural beauty and the complex relationship we have with nature, works  are created that engage the audience through a common memory. The consideration of audience response, reaction and position regularly determines how Jo’s work will be constructed and installed. The audience is invited to occupy an active role as the artist examines themes of: (re)viewing familiar spaces, wanderlust and the inter-play between nature and urban environments.


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2003 – 2006 B.A. Hons Fine Art Sculpture, University of Brighton - First

2002 – 2003 Art and Design Foundation, UWE - Distinction


2014 Art Roots, permanent commission, Grizedale forrest, Cumbria, UK

2014 Resident artist at Hestercombe gallery and gardens, Somerset, UK

2013 STILL/life, commission by Trust New Art, Leigh Woods, Bristol, UK

2013 Art, Cities & Landscapes, temporary commission, Amiens, France

2012 Expand, Explore, Expose Residency, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Austria

2012 Digital Art Commission with Exeter University at C.A.L.M, UK

2012 Resident artist at Stapleton Road Tavern, Bristol, UK

2011 I-park, Artist in Residence, Connecticut, USA

2011 Kunst & Zwalm biennale, Zwalm, Belgium

2009 Artist in residence at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, Canada

2009 Project Room research space, at Ace Art Inc., Winnipeg, Canada

2009 The Tallest Poppy Artist's Residency, Winnipeg, Canada

2008 'Coup de Pouce' residency at L'H du Siege in Valenciennes, France

2007 FRED 2007, commission, Sugar Tongue in Whitehaven, Cumbria

2006 Burt, Brill and Cardens Peoples Art Award, University of Brighton

2006 Burt, Brill and Cardens Second Prize, University of Brighton


2014 You move me, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2014 Second site, Hestercombe Gallery, Taunton

2013 Rhod 2013, Melin Glonc, Drefelin, Carmarthenshire, Wales

2013 A movement towards a grand unified theory, Bristol

2012 Neoreplicates, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

2012 llusoriamente, European Conference on Visual Perception, Sardinia

2012 Art Roots, Grizedale Forest, UK

2012 Other Nature, Antlers gallery, London

2011 Able, Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2011 What will we do when, The Motorcycle Showroom, Bristol

2010 The middle of nowhere, Departure gallery, London

2009 Pools in their shadows, 43a gallery, Bristol

2008 Artsway OPEN08, Artsway, Sway

2008 Adventures in gravity, The Foundry, London

2008 CUBE open, Centre for Urban Built Environment, Manchester

2008 Slow, Edward Cullinan Architects, London

2007 Upstaging nature, Lookoutpost, London

2007 The Third Space, Regency Town House Basement, Brighton

2006 'Tag' Permanent gallery, Brighton


2012 - now Co-director of Ore and Ingot foundry, Bristol

2008 - now Member of Cube Mircoplex, Co-op run space, Bristol

2010-2013 Part of The Motorcycle Showroom co-operative, Bristol

2008 – 2010 Part-time lecturer in Sculpture at Hastings College