Jonny Byles

In its most fundamental sense, Jonny’s practice is a reaction to his surroundings. The process begins with first-hand studies through photography and observational sketches. These initial draughts are then reworked through a process of abstraction, developing into progressively refined drawings.

His work plays upon a fascination with the modern day cityscape, and crosses the boundary between architecture and fine art. The repetitive angular geometries not only share a similar aesthetic to Brutalist architectural forms, but also encapsulate the movement’s futuristic ideology. Both Jonny’s drawings and the modernist, urban settings they represent, foreshadow views of a Utopian landscape.

Jonny refers  to his work as ‘The future ten years ago’ suggesting an intention of modernity prior to our times. Instead of trying to trick the audience into a false sense of reality, he endeavours to create works that are one person’s perception of our surroundings.

Another major influence on Jonny’s practice is music, more specifically self made soundtracks that are curated to influence his drawings as they are being worked up in to the final pieces. A constant resonance throughout Jonny’s practice is the fascination with his surroundings, and the poetic nature in which he translates these effects into a studio based art form. More recently he has been creating the first drawings in a new body of work that concentrate on the infinite depth and scale of outer space from our vantage point here on planet earth.


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2005-2008 BA (Hons) Drawing and Applied Arts. University of the West of England, Bristol

2004-2005 Foundation Diploma, Bournemouth and Poole College


2013 Winter, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2013 Kindred, Antlers Gallery and Curious Duke Gallery, London

2013 Spatial, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2008 UWE group show, The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

2007 DAA, The Create Centre, Bristol


2014 AAF Battersea, Antlers Gallery, London

2014 London Art Fair, Antlers Gallery

2013 ‘BAF’, Manchester