Laura Wady

Depiction of women is usually at the forefront of Laura’s work, creating environments and situations that challenge and subvert notions surrounding gender and sexuality. She considers herself to be a feminist artist whose images are permeated by an uncomfortable amalgamation of cruelty and sexual transgression.

Taking inspiration from the body as a site of resistance and power, often depicted through performance and live art, this is a continuous source of influence throughout her work. Laura’s interest lies in the notion of ‘grotesque beauty’ (the monstrous feminine), a divinity that is embedded in myth, folklore and story telling.

The work created for this exhibition ‘Anatomy’ explores much of this through turbulent and sexually charged images that explore dreamscapes of desire and disturbance.

Laura is currently based in Bristol and has recently taken up residency in a studio at Spike Island. After completing her BA in Design at the University of Plymouth Laura went onto study an MA in Illustration at University College Falmouth. In 2009 Laura took part and exhibited in Illustrative 09, Young Illustrators Award, Berlin as well as being awarded the Graphic Literature prize, which resulted in her artist book ‘Phantom’ being printed by Atlantic Press.

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2011   Anatomy, Antlers Gallery