Rebecca Hiscocks

Rebecca is inspired by the uncanny and the macabre. Her intricate compositions reflect a combined fascination of bizarre medical histories and a wonder of the structure and inner workings of both man and animals.

She finds influence from the 18th Century etchings of anatomical pioneer William Cheselden and the surreal assemblings of Frederik Ruysch. Her research into anatomy and natural history further informs her visual narrative. Rebecca uses a combination of architectural decoration and a muted pallet in order to create a softness and beauty as a contrast to the invasiveness of surgery.  Her detailed studies are executed using pen, ink and print.

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2010 - 2011 MA Visual Arts, Illustration, University of the Arts, London
2000 - 2001 PGCE Art and Design, University of the West of England, Bristol
1994 - 1997 BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Wolverhampton, West Midlands

2013 Winter Shop, Antlers Gallery, Bristol
2012 Wunderkabinett, Store Street Gallery, London
2012 Miracles and Charms, Wellcome Collection, London
2011 Specimen at the Dead Dolls Club, London
2011 CCW MA Show, London.
2011 Diesel Flagship Stores, London.
2011 Curio Collective at East Gallery, London

2013 Buy Art Fair, Antlers Gallery, Manchester
2012 AAF Bristol, Antlers Gallery, Bristol


Fig II
Pen and Ink on Paper - 30 x 42 cm
£295 (framed)

Fig IV
Pen and Ink on Paper - 30 x 42 cm

Hearts and Flowers
Pen and Ink on Paper - 30 x 42 cm

Cell of Skulls
Pen and Ink on Paper - 30 x 42 cm
£200 (unframed) - £295 (framed)

Thorax XIX
Pen and Ink on Paper

Bird Brain
Giclee Print - 55 x 64 cm
£325 (including frame)

St Barts
Giclee print (edition of 25) - 42 x 60 cm

Solar Plate Etching - 28.5 x 37.5 cm

Hearts and Flowers II
Pen and Ink on Paper – 30 x 42 cm - £200 (unframed) - £295 (framed)

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Editions by Rebecca Hiscocks

    St Bart’s Dentistry Piece

    Momento Mori

    Medical Bird

    Neck Cherub