Rose Sanderson

Rose’s work is greatly influenced by the things that are generally disregarded in the world around her. She explores the fields of natural history, entomology and anatomy to find strange objects and creatures. Where some may see ugliness, be disgusted or think a thing distasteful, Rose finds beauty and intrigue. Art and Science go hand in hand, with nature’s creations in all their glory being her main source of inspiration. Her paintings aim to invite people to explore beyond their first impressions and  delve deeper into the heart of nature. Rose’s delicate yet expressive paintings and drawings upon recycled materials and old book covers relate to the subject as part of a story within the wider world into which it is born; the cycle of life being a fascinating and intriguing part of our existence, of which Rose aims to explore in detail. Currently living in and travelling America by road and sea, Rose is experimenting with new projects inspired by her new environment and experiences.


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2000 - 2003 BA (hons) Illustration, The University of the West of England


2013 Sanguine, LA

Flagship, Hollywood

2013 A Sense of Place (solo show), C&S, Bristol

2013 Drawn, The RWA, Bristol

2013 Trailablazers, Above Second Gallery, Hong Kong

2013 Jamaica Street Open studios, Bristol

2013 Winter Shop, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2012 Old Beliefs, Antlers Gallery, Stroud

2012 Narrative, Antlers Gallery, Ilkley

2012 Nocturne, Bo-lee Gallery, Bath

2012 Unnatural Natural History, RWA, Bristol

2012 Wild at Heart, Thinkspace Gallery, California

2012 Spring Exhibition @ Innocent Fine Art, Bristol

2012 Other Nature, Antlers Gallery, London

2012 Bound, Group Show, Bo-lee Gallery, Bath

2012 Three Kingdoms Group Show, Bo-lee Gallery, Bath

2012 The Big Wildlife Day, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol

2011 Art London, Chelsea, London

2011 Palace Art Fair, London

2011 Wild Life Group show, Stolen Space Gallery, London

2011 Winter, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2011 Wunderkammer: memories of a forgotten past, Bo-lee Gallery, Bath

2011 Anatomy, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2011 Summer Show, Stolen Space Gallery, London

2008 - 2011 Jamaica Street Open Studios, Bristol

2010 Darkness to Light' Bo-lee Gallery Group Show, Bath

2010 Meta-Anatomica, Walcot Chapel, Bath

2010 Fin, Fur, Feathers, Will's Art Warehouse, London

2010 Yellow Wallpaper, The Bo-Lee Gallery, Bath

2010 Inside Out, The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

2010 Grotesques, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

2010 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London

2010 DECKED 2, The Conningsby Gallery, London

2010 Wild Brittania, Will's Art Warehouse, London

2009 Jamaica Street Artists Exhibition and Auction, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol

2009 All I want for Christmas, Arnolfini, Bristol

2009 Meta-Marine, The Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol

2009 Living Room, The Knifesmith Gallery, Bristol

2008 Metainsecta, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol

2008 BAS08, Bristol Arts Show, Centre Space Gallery, Bristol

2008 ENTO 08 (entomological exhibition), Cube 3 Gallery, Devon

2008 The Urban Art Show, The Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol

2008 Art for Life, Green Park Station, Bath


2013 London Art Fair, AAF Hamstead, AAF Bristol, AAFBattersea,  AAF Hong Kong, Buy Art Fair (Manchester), Stroke Art Fair (Munich)

2012 Bloomsbury Art Fair, London

2012 London Art Fair, The Business Design Centre, London

2011 Brighton Art Fair, Brighton

2009 - 2012 AAF London, Glasgow, Brussels, New York, Melbourne and Singapore


2010 Discerning Eye West Country Regional Prize