Ryan Hodge

Ryan’s work looks at the extremes of society, the fringed social niches and impostors of the norm. He takes a tongue in cheek approach to his subject matter, whilst including elements of cynicism and suspicion. Ryan’s practice exploits stereotypes and innuendos, often exposing the over looked and avoided.

Ryan’s drawings for ‘Anatomy’ stems from a series of work he produced based on the garden gnome. In these pieces Ryan explores the acceptability of sexuality in everyday life, mixing typically English kitsch imagery with blatantly pornographic. By using suggestive poses and compositions, Ryan encourages a reconsideration of what we take for granted and our limitations of what is acceptable for everyday human consumption.

In Ryan’s most recent work he focuses on the human hand, highlighting their importance as tools for sensation and manipulation. Taking as his reference point a scene from a studio shot pornographic film, Ryan picks out and draws only the hands leaving the viewer to question what lies in the remaining white space.  Ryan is interested in how the highly considered nature of ‘studio’ cinematography offers predetermined and almost standardised compositions, which promote a further disconnection from the original production and an authentic sexual experience. It reinforces a formulaic sexual fantasy checklist which is translated in many everyday sexual experiences.

Ryan Hodge studied Illustration at UWE, Bristol, graduating in 2009 with a 1st class honours degree. Whilst developing his own artistic practice Ryan is also collaborating with fashion textile designer Debbie Waygood.