Sam Branton

Sam Branton’s work plays with subtle narratives and motifs that summon up references from film and Art History while creating perverse and comic counterpoints. Father of Mankind portrayed a family of manic, perverse, cartoon faced 18th century aristocrats. How sweet it is incorporated a cast of endearing and deranged creatures into reproductions of luscious Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo paintings. Erotica Beastia featured mutated private detectives in shadowy charcoal stills from a bizarre noir/ sci-fi movie and The Impossible Wheel followed a team of top-hatted gentile explorers and debauched mythical beasts through a frosty blue world.

Sam Branton’s latest work Deluge is a collection of miniature drawings. Drawn in softly applied coloured pencil, and influenced by the landscapes of Lorrain and Poussin, Deluge imagines the comical and confused moments that could happen during the aftermath of a great downpour.

Sam Branton studied Fine Art at the Norwich School of Art, graduating in 2007. He currently lives and works in Oxford.


2007      BA Fine Art, Norwich School of Art and Design


2012      The Impossible Wheel, Oxford University Press, Oxford

2009      Erotica Beastia, James Freeman Gallery, London


2013      On Paper, James Freeman Gallery, London

2012      Vespertilo, Blackwell’s Art Shop, Oxford

2011      Voyages Extraordinaires, James Freeman Gallery, London

2010      Drink and Dial, Wilson Williams Gallery, London

2009      Metro-Land, curated by the Flora Fairbairn Projects, Merriscourt farm, Oxford

2008      Whispers of Immortality, Natalia Goldin Gallery, Stockholm

2008      Faux pas de deux, Signal Gallery, London

2008      Get the Lead Out, Black Maria Gallery, Los Angeles

2008      Hollywood Apocalypse, Black Maria Gallery, Los Angeles


2014      The Last Man, James Freeman Gallery, London

2007      The Drawing Show, St Margaret’s Gallery, Norwich


2014      AAF, Battersea Park, James Freeman Gallery, London

2011      AAF, Battersea Park, James Freeman Gallery, London

2009      Scope Art Fair, James Freeman Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2008      Zoo Art Fair, Natalia Goldin Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, London

2008      Scope Art Fair, James Freeman Gallery, Lords Cricket Ground, London

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