Sam Marsh

Sam Marsh’s current body of work consists of a series of paintings, drawings, prints, computer compositions and several books. The energy behind the work comes from a direct approach to material application and the figures that emerge are a mixture of the visual imagery that surrounds the artist and his subconscious.

A focus on painting, drawing and how to paint rather than what to paint, is at the heart of the work. Reacting to a starting point, such as placing two images together based on their aesthetic make-up or the relationship between two colours, the painting process then evolves instinctively with the construction of the protagonist or ‘Hero’ figure, in mind. Character and aesthetic displayed in film genres such as Horror and B-Movies as well as modern media from Vogue magazine to contemporary design blogs all play their part to inform this construction.

Researching past and present imagery by collecting books and sourcing images from the internet, Marsh accumulates a vast image bank upon which to collage into the paintings adding another element to support or throw the painting. Ideas and energy is captured through long periods of time spent drawing and writing in reaction to avant-garde painting, film, literature, comedians and musicians. Marsh then works with and releases this energy into his own artwork.

‘We All Want The Swamp!’ gains its identity through the interaction between the aforementioned pictorial elements and Marsh’s confident brush work, as they come together in his working space. ‘The Swamp’ a metaphor for his imagination, the painting process and mass culture.