“By the time you’ve read this sentence three people have been born into the world.

By the time you’ve read this sentence two will have passed away.

By the time you’ve lived through this half-day there will be 183,600 more children on the planet.

And in the same twelve hours 77,760 people will have passed away.”


Summer 2015 saw Antlers co-produce Sam Winston’s artwork Birthday for Mayfest.

Birthday was a participatory artwork installation made up of large-scale drawings commemorating the births and deaths that are happening everyday.

Members of the public collaborated and drew circles alongside Sam Winston to remember people they knew and know, and register their names in writing.

We use data to quantify the world, yet even on such pertinent themes of birth and death, once we pass a certain scale the information slips into either obscurity or trivia.

Birthday is a work that addresses this subject by using drawing and storytelling to give us a context in which to understand some of these larger movements in life.

Presentation at Mayfest supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Sam Winston is an artist and story-teller from London. He creates sculpture, drawings and books that question our understanding of words as messages and information. His use of drawing, cutting, folding and typography produces new work in which complex ideas are expressed clearly and logically- an art form so necessary in a world where the financial and media text surrounding us is so often impossible to process.

Mayfest is Bristol’s unique annual festival of contemporary theatre. We are dedicated to presenting a broad range of unusual, playful and ambitious work from leading theatre makers from Bristol, the UK and beyond. Mayfest is produced by MAYK in collaboration with Bristol Old Vic and works in partnership with other key arts venues across Bristol to present work in both established theatre spaces and non-theatre spaces all over the city.



Bristol 2015 Lab, Waterfront/ Canon’s Road, Bristol, BS1 5TX  (along from Watershed)

Friday 15th May     :    10am – 6pm

Saturday 16th May     :    10am – 6pm

Sunday 17th May     :    10am – 6pm


Artist Q&A/Launch   :    6pm – 8pm, Friday 15th May


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Image Credit Andy Sewell