Electric Dreams

Max Naylor was part of Antlers Summer Programme with his debut Bristol solo-exhibition Electric Dreams that took place in the former Harold Hockey art shop on Whiteladies Road, Clifton.

The exhibition brought together new ink on paper landscape works created both in the UK and while on a teaching residency in India; interpreting spaces that have been observed, remembered and imagined.

Bucolic English scenes are positioned against the exoticism of India and other more ambiguous locations. No fixed space is depicted – rather a mix of: memory, perception and imagination. Max’s quick, intuitive decision-making creates fluid vistas that are rich in texture and playfulness. Parts of the images seem recognisable while a mix of perspective, colour and content allude to something less familiar. Glimpses into the artist’s subconscious present us with an alternate world.


Key Information

170 – 174 Whiteladies Road,




Open: 29 May – 7 June 2015, 12pm – 6 pm

Preview + Artist Tour: Thursday 28 May : Artist Tour 6pm, Launch 7 – 9 pm [please RSVP to admin@antlersgallery.com]