hi·a·tus  (h-ts)

1. A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break

Antlers Gallery exhibition Hiatus presented new work by Bristol-based artist Kate Evans from 7 February – 1 March 2014.

In this exhibition Kate focused on the inherent need to find space; both physically and mentally. Uninhabited panoramic vistas and isolated cabins, set against large areas of negative space, form quite literal metaphors which echo a yearning for freedom.

The process of mark-making and experimentation with colour are important elements in the artist’s practice. Kate works in mixed media using a combination of watercolour, pencil and sometimes oil.

Although her paintings are portrayals of landscapes – inspired by trips to Scandinavia, America and Europe – her intricacy of technique and use of space mean that they transcend mere representation. Alluding to the idea of a place rather than being specific in relation to geography or time.

Playing on the insubstantiality of the medium, combined with the scale and delicacy of her pieces, Kate creates locations that are rich and inviting, yet simultaneously intangible and ephemeral.



Kate graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with BA Hons Illustration in 2006. Since graduation Kate has been working in London and Bristol as a freelance illustrator with clients including V&A Magazine, Harper Collins, The Guardian, Transport for London and Stranger Magazine. Kate’s Fine Art practice is a relatively new development first being profiled only a few years a go, in this short time however Kate’s work has been receiving brilliant feedback and seen her exhibited in Bristol, Bath, London and Stockholm. Kate lives and works in Bristol, working from Jamaica Street Studios on Stokes Croft.



7 February – 1 March 2014

10 am – 6 pm Tuesday – Saturday

11 Christmas Steps, BS1 5BS

(Preview: Thursday 6 February, 6 – 9pm)

Artist Talk: Tuesday 11 February – 6.30pm

Supported by:- Gallery Spaces


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