The Tragedy of Landscape

The Tragedy of Landscape was an exhibition curated by Antlers for Griffin Gallery, London.

The exhibition brought together six contemporary artists that re-approach notions of the Romantic Landscape within their practice. The show takes its name from a comment on the work of Caspar David Friedrich by David d’Angers:

Friedrich! … The only landscape painter so far to succeed in stirring up all the forces of my soul, the painter who has created a new genre: the tragedy of the landscape.

The exhibiting artists share a common interest in the landscape genre and in their own way, all act to subvert our perceived notions of it. We are invited to look at what lurks behind the idylls that we are presented with and think beyond the anaesthetised, beatified view of the natural world; works that appeal to our notions of beauty will often allude to something more sinister when enquired upon further.

Many of the artists work directly with historical paintings and etchings, reworking them into new imagery in order to play on the fabricated, fictional nature of the original works and promote the fantastical.

Others use the Romantic Landscape as a motif – a departure point to re-examine our relationship with the natural world. Seeing their 17th / 18th Century counterparts as the first ecological movement these artists explore how this idea is updated in a world where the sublime can as easily be related to the onslaught of technology, as it is a mountain or waterfall.



Anouk Mercier

Ambrosine Allen

Geoff Diego Litherland

Juliette Losq

Reece Jones

Wieland Payer



Griffin Gallery

The Studio Building,

21, Evesham Street,


W11 4AJ


Open: 12th February – 13th March 2015

Mon – Thursday, 10 am – 5pm

Friday 10 – 4pm

(Other times by appointment)

Preview: Wednesday 11 February 2015 : 6 – 9pm

Exclusive Collectors Evening + Artists Tour: Tuesday 24 February 2015 : 6.30pm [please RSVP to]




Griffin Gallery is committed to supporting the artistic community of London, creating a space for discussion about contemporary art and showcasing the the very best of national and international talent. The exhibition programme offers a platform for emerging as well as established artists, and we offer the use of our facilities for workshops, seminars and artist talks to create a discourse around the artwork on display.

Antlers is a contemporary gallery – nomadic by design. Based in Bristol and producing temporary exhibitions in varying locations, their only permanent base is online. Antlers represent select contemporary artists through: exhibitions, art fairs and consultancy. The gallery is committed to showcasing a burgeoning scene of artists who explore themes such as narrative, space and the natural world through compelling and impeccably executed work.


Installation Photos