Support Anima Mundi Kickstarter Campaign

From 10 April – 10 May we are looking for your support to raise £8000 to fund the printing and binding of Tim Lane’s artwork Anima Mundi as a limited edition artist bookwork.

As a thank you for you financial support whether it be £3 or £300 you will receive a reward which varies from postcards to limited edition prints to the book itself. Which means ‘supporting’ the project is actually a great and cost effective way of owning a Tim Lane artwork.

Tim has been working on Anima Mundi for the last 2 years and as such the book is rich in both imagery and emotion. Anima Mundi is one continuous 5m long graphite on paper drawing, which folds down into an A5 book and slipcase. The pages can be recombined with each other to reveal new narratives and as such resists being pinned down to one linear reading or explanation. This is really unique work and one that will be a treasure to own.

Find out more and support the campaign here:

Tim Lane - Anima Mundi

Tim Lane – Anima Mundi